Middle Ground Hours

Middle Ground is closed every Monday and Tuesday. We are open for Maghrib and Isha‘ in the evenings only Wednesday through Sunday. The calendar time is the iqamah time for the prayer.

Middle Ground Currently Offers The Following Classes and Activities December 13th — December 17th

Reviving the Sunnah: this is a weekly iftar (breaking fast) encouraging us to keep up one of the Sunnahs dearest to the Prophet ﷺ which was to fast Mondays and Thursdays.

Fajr Club: Saturdays at Middle Ground we pray Fajr in congregation and then have some food and refreshments. Iqamah Fajr this week 6:00am.

Coffee & Study Time: Middle Ground features a diverse library of books (and some darn good coffee and tea!) and we encourage the community to use this time for study and reflection. Saturdays, Fajr to 10am.

Arabic From the Qur’an: this class focuses on introducing students to the sciences of Arabic including grammar, vocabulary, and morphology. For more about class times and enrollment, click here. Saturday mornings.

Young Minds: this is our weekly youth group, ideally targeted for young adults 10 and up, in which we discuss topics relevant for Muslim youth today. The discussion is lead by Imam Marc Manley. Sundays 11am – 12pm.

Understanding Islam: participants explore some of the finer points of Muslim spirituality and ethics while also being free to ask questions on any topic. This class is open to all and is also ideal for new Muslims. Sundays 6-7pm.

Check our calendar below for all prayer times, classes, and events.

Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah)

Every Friday Middle Ground offers Friday Prayer starting at 1pm.

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