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Fajr Club: Saturdays at Middle Ground we pray Fajr in congregation and then have some food and refreshments. Iqamah Fajr this week 5:15am.

Islam Indepth: This class discusses a variety of topics (culture, secularism, theology) that challenge Muslims today. Imam Marc leads this discussion. Saturdays, 7am to 9am.

Understanding Islam: participants explore some of the finer points of Muslim spirituality and ethics while also being free to ask questions on any topic. This class is open to all and is also ideal for new Muslims. Sundays 6-7pm.

The front door code for entry is 1310 for the front and 1310* for the rear.

Prayer Times

Iqamah Times

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Prayer Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Jumu’ah 1:15

Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah)

Every Friday Middle Ground offers Friday Prayer starting at 1pm.

The Middle Ground Podcast

This week’s khutbah

Our khutbahs and other classes are now live streamed on YouTube. Check here.

Our latest Middle Ground Podcast episode – Fajr Club – “What Is Secular Humanism”

Fajr Club — “What Is Secular Humanism” — August 18th 2018

and A Year With the Qur’an:

More podcast episodes here.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch some of our classes, khutbahs and lectures. You can also listen to past khutbahs and podcasts, here.

We look forward to seeing you at Middle Ground soon!