God Cares About Human Affairs

2 thoughts on “God Cares About Human Affairs

  1. JB

    Salat wa Salaam,
    It was an excellent Khutbah, very thought provoking. I encourage you to dial in on this little blue rock and the Sci-fi afficiando inside of you. Realize the Biggest Budget Science Fiction ever released is the Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax and the 20 Billion dollar a year NASA Chronicles. Reflect on Allah’s Signs in the Heavens & on the Earth as seen through Allah’s Book. Allah Cares about Human Affairs, that’s why he Created the Earth as our Habitation & The Sky as a Protective Dome overhead. Trust without doubt that the Earth is Stationary, We are NOT spinning on an axis at 1,000 mph, while orbiting the Sun at 65,000 mph in a Universe 35 million light years across. We are living on a Flat Earth beneath a Sky Dome Planetarium, our Reality is closer to The Truman Show with Jim Carey. I encourage you to YouTube “They are Hiding God” & patiently watch the 2hr documentary, with as much Zeal & Enthusiasm as The Force Awakens. I sense that The Force is Strong with you, Imam Marc Manley.

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