Intro to Maliki Fiqh – Session 10: Recommended Acts

Session ten from Middle Ground’s new class, Fiqh Made Easy: Intro to Mālikī Fiqh, taught by Imam Marc Manley. This session expands on the characteristics of prayer by highlighting what is highly recommended (mandūbāt/مندوبات) vs. what is mandatory, from the text, al-Muhadhdhab (المهذب من الفقه المالكي وأدلته), by Shaykh al-Majjājī. The class is taught live the first two Saturdays of each month.

Islām, Orientalism, and the Modern Muslim

Why do we essentialize the actions of some Muslims, especially those who become Muslim, regardless of whether or not those actions are legitimate, to say nothing of how this can often be counterproductive to the development of a new Muslim. In this video, Imam Marc Manley analyzes what’s behind this tendency and why we should consider changing our tune.

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The Book of Faith – Session 1

From our new class at Middle Ground is The Book of Faith (Kitāb al-īman) from the ḥadīth collection, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim. In this reading, Imam Marc Manley teaches from Imām al-Nawawī’s commentary (sharḥ).

In this session, session one, Imam Marc Manley discusses the foundational ḥadīth, Ḥadīth Jibril, ‎ﷺ.