The Tyranny of Liberalism

“Liberals welcome believers insofar as religion can be deployed in service of liberal causes, to be sure. But any expression of theological or moral judgment is met with hostility.” — Sohrab Ahmari, Liberalism: Believers Need Not Apply

In recent comments made by Bernie Sanders, progressives, an extension of modern liberalism, have revealed their true colors: complete hostility towards any tradition or moral system that does not espouse total relativism. The above quote from Ahmari’s timely article lays bare the Left’s attitude: either you’re with us (meaning you buy into our relativism hook, line, and sinker) or you’re against us. For communities of faith, this is a lot more serious than what might appear at first blush. Certainty the Muslim community is being heavily courted to adopt these totalizing, morally-relativist positions. But the question remains: can there be an Islam if we cannot maintain the right to believe in the exclusivity of Islam? Can any faith survive this hostile environment?

Scholars and Activists – Can We Get A Team Huddle?

In this episode, Imam Marc discusses some challenges facing American Muslims in a Trump presidency. He also addresses the need for Muslim activists and scholars to work with one another, not against, and how can American Muslims work to restore their sense of dignity and respect in the eyes of society, and most importantly, God?


1. An Open Letter to CAIR – A Critical Re-centering of ‘Race’ as the Premier Civil Rights Issue for American Muslims, by Dr. Muhammad Khalifa.

2. The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit by Thomas J. Sugrue.

3. Mark Crain and the DREAM of Detroit, from Sapelo Square.