The Muslim Community Working With Mental Health – Some Thoughts Pt. 1

The Conference title is: The Many Faces of Mental Health: “Demons” in Faith Doctrines

The panel questions were:


  • How is Mental Health addressed in the primary holy book for your faith/theology?


This is a difficult question to ask in that the very term, “mental health”, has no singular or apparent authoritative definition.


  • Demons seems to be in every holy book readings.


This question seems to either beg a question or is trying to assert an unarticulated assumption, asserting the falsity that demons, or devils, do exist.


  • What drives the “demon” references in the holy book of your faith.


Devils are a part of existence, a “creation” alongside men.


  • How might/should we interpret the concept of “being possessed” and “demons” in the light of modern understanding of mental health.


Again, is this a push to advocate for exegesis or eisegesis? Meaning, we’re going to now interpret out of the text a meaning that renders all mentioning of devils as some kind of metaphor for mental health, or reading into the text.


  • What is the role of faith leaders in educating congregants on modern mental health principles and services in relation to the scripture teaching on “Demons” and Mental Health.



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